FAQ Best Cincinnati Handyman

Q- Who is Best Cincinnati Handyman?

A- Best Cincinnati Handyman is a full service home repair, improvement and maintenance companyhandyman_services operated by a local private contractor who works and lives in your community. We specialize in projects around your home ranging from general repairs to complete remodels. There is no job too small for our professional craftsmen.

Q- How do you charge?

A- At BCH we have a one hour minimum. Thereafter you are billed in 15 minute increments. This is to ensure you are only charged for the time you use.

Q- Can I get an estimate or price quote for my job?

A- At BCH we certainly understand why you would want an estimate. In home improvement, homeowners tend to get multiple bids on a job so that they get the best price. Because we do small projects, we charge a minimum of one hour and 15 minute increments after that.

On Handyman jobs, we find that we can actually do the job in the time that it takes to write an estimate so no we don’t give estimates inn the traditional sense but we can give you a ballpark and then come out for a one hour visit. While we are there doing some of the things on your “to do” list, we can give you an estimate of a larger project you are thinking about.

Q- What about materials?

A- At Best Cincinnati Handyman we work on time plus materials. Because we do a lot of the same materials, we may have it on our truck or we can pick it up based on what you tell us on the phone. If you choose to pick up the items on your to do list, that will save us all time. You can also send someone for the supplies while the technician is working at your home or business.

You can follow the technician to the store or send him to purchase the supplies, but please note that you will be charged an hourly rate while the technician is running errands.

Q- How do I set an appointment?

A- An appointment can be made by a simple phone call. Since our technicians are more than likely on a job when you call, please leave a message and you will receive a return call in between jobs.

Q- Do you provide references?

A- Not all clients like public attention, but for the ones that are willing, we post their comments on our websites. We will ask you for the same favor.

Q- Do you have a guarantee or warranty your work?

A- We offer a year warranty on most standard jobs. Any exception to that policy would be based on Great-Property-Management-Toolsother circumstance discussed up front.

Q- What forms of payments do you take?

A- All services are paid for before leaving the job site and cam be paid by check, cash, debit card, or credit card.

Q- Do you have certain hours that you make appointments?

A- Do you do day and nighttime appointments?

Because we are a small crew, we will schedule the best time for you and us. We work all different kinds of schedules due to the nature of what we do so we will work to the best of our ability to make it convenient for you. Yes we work all three shifts if necessary.

Q- Can I select colors and manufacturers for my products?

A- We work for you so if you want something different than we suggest, it is our pleasure for you to provide that.